Combing and brushing help dogs maintain their coats

October 21st at 9:08am TheDogMag

Coat care is important for all dogs, whether they have curly, wire, or short hair. Combing and brushing loosens and avoids matting by loosening dead hair from the skin. At the same time, they act as a mini-massage, improving blood circulation. Coat maintenance, by the way, helps to deepen your bond with your dog.

But how frequently should a dog be brushed? Grooming is required every one to two days for dogs with long, silky hair, such as the Havanese. Brushing a bobtail thoroughly takes around an hour and should be done once a week. Regular grooming sessions should be used to examine ears and claws.

The most crucial aspect of dog grooming is acclimating him to brushing

The simplest method is to get the puppy used to grooming on a regular basis. When the puppy is tired from playing or going for a walk, it is a good time to start brushing training. Select a calm location and time, as well as a soft puppy brush or natural hair brush. Limit your initial grooming efforts to one to two minutes, and then praise your four-legged pal. It's critical that the dog understands two things: grooming is a pleasurable ritual, and the two-legged companion decides when it's time to stop. When the four-legged buddy has remained motionless, always end the brief wellness session with a hearty praise and a treat.

Tip: With a dog grooming beginner kit, you'll be well prepared for your initial grooming sessions and beyond.